Handicrafts, jewelry, and curiosities

related to Witchcraft and Shamanism

Pieni Noitapuoti in Helsinki – Ingredients for a Magical Life

Welcome to explore the meeting place for magical people and its ever-living selection.

Every item here holds a story within, and all our products are ethically produced. In our shop, you can find, among other things: 

  • handicrafts
  • jewelry
  • shaman drums
  • stones and crystals
  • incense, oils, and candles
  • books and cards
  • decorative items
  • curiosities
  • a comprehensive range of partners
  • inspiring courses (we announce about the courses on social media!)

Step inside for an unforgettable journey into the world of curiosities: our shop with a dark heart welcomes you at Tehtaankatu 16, Helsinki. Welcome! 

The treasures of the shop beckon from Tue–Fri 12–18, Sat 10–16. 

Hello you future or returning friend of Pieni Noitapuoti!

It's wonderful that you've found the shop's website. I am Petteri, the shopkeeper who's treading the shaman's path. Right now, this feels exactly like what my soul desires, and I've finally found my place in the world.

Witchcraft and shamanism are the main themes of the shop, but since anything can happen in the realm of magic and at any time, you can always discover something new, and of course, occasionally something old or recycled. My intention is to emphasize authentic and unique Finnish handicrafts, ones with magical powers. The selection expands and changes continuously, so it's worth coming back often to see what's available today. In addition, I try to make available various stimulating and healing events, courses, retreats, and my own shamanic healings. The captivating energies of the shop are perfect for these. You can also inquire about renting space if you need it for your healings, readings, or courses.

I am warm-hearted and very service-oriented. If I don't already know something, I'm happy to find out. I look forward to meeting new people because everyone has something unique and something to offer to others, including you! You can also come to the shop just to sit and read a book; I'm happy to make coffee too. My biggest wish is for the shop to serve as a meeting place between playful folks living in the shadows, ordinary walkers, lovely people, and shamans from all over the world. So come visit, and together let's make the phrase "Pieni Noitapuoti's grand Witch Community" a reality!