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77 €
Duration approx. 1 hour

Energetic healing that brings the unconscious into awareness for release and transformation.

Throughout our lives, we accumulate experiences and emotions in our bodies, many of which continue to influence our behavior and patterns. Unconsciously, we carry these imprints in our lightbodies, possibly spanning across multiple lifetimes.

In this treatment, I assist you in connecting with these potentially harmful experiences and emotions, bringing them into awareness. I guide you in transforming the imprints of these experiences, allowing you to live more freely and fully in your own power.

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Reiki Healing

Your expert: Susanna Viljanen
66 €
1 hour 15 minutes

Reiki is a Japanese natural healing method where I channel high-frequency, loving life energy into you.

Our bodies consist of cells vibrating at different energy frequencies, forming everything in a person: tissues, circulation, skeleton, etc.

By channeling energy into different parts of the body, I guide healing mechanisms to activate and assist the body's natural tendency towards balance. During the healing, I work with energy through the body's energy centers, known as chakras, and energize your light body, either with light touch or without.

The treatment is performed while sitting, and if desired, you can have a stool for your feet. At the end of the treatment, we can reflect on any issues that may have surfaced during the session, if you wish.


Your expert: Susanna Viljanen

Tarot and Oracle Card Reading

30 min / 3 cards for your specific question, theme, or general guidance

33 €

60 min / 3–6 cards for your specific question, theme, or general guidance

55 €

Shadow Reading

55 €

In a Shadow Reading, we delve into the shadow aspects of the psyche. I use reversed meanings of Tarot cards in the interpretation, along with an Oracle card deck specifically designed for shadow work. In this reading, we explore a significant event or theme in your life that you would like perspectives on. In my work, I adhere to the professional ethics of a nurse and confidentiality."

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Space rental

Weekdays from 6:00–11:30 and 18:00–00:00 25 €/hour
Sundays 33 €/hour
Full day on Mondays or Sundays 150 €

Inquire for a quote and other available times!

The space is magical and energetically wonderful, accommodating 5–10 people. In this space, one feels safe and it's easy to open up, making it highly suitable for energy treatments, small groups, and workshops.

The venue includes chairs, small tables, blankets, pillows, and free use of woolen socks. Additionally, there's a restroom and a kitchen area equipped with a fridge, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, dishes, and complimentary tea and coffee for free use.

You can also use props from the shop's magical items with prior arrangement.

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